Tarot - Major Arcana II - World or Universe

Description for World, Major arcana tarot card

World or Universe

A large oval green laurel wreathe fills the center of the picture, it forms the shape of a zero "0". Two red ribbons are tied around the wreathe in a cross shape, one at the top , one at the bottom.

In the center of the wreathe is a mature naked woman. She has blond hair tied back with a red ribbon, around her body flows a long purple coloured drape.

She crosses one leg at the knee. Her arms are slightly outstretched to the side and in each hand she holds a white wand.

In the sky around the large green laurel wreathe are four clouds - two above and two below. Each cloud features a single face.

The clouds at the bottom show the faces of a lion and a bull looking outward. The clouds above show the head of a human and the head of an eagle - drawn in profile they look towards one another.

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