Tarot - Major Arcana II - The Moon

Description for The Moon, Major arcana tarot card

The Moon
The Moon

A red crab / crayfish emerges from the water in the foreground. On the ground before it is a long winding path that leads up over the land and across numerous hills to a valley between two far off mountain peaks.

Two large dogs or wolves are on the shore by the waterside , one on either side of the path.

They are howling up at the moon above them. One is brown and resembles a dog the other is white and resembles a wolf.

The Moon shines in the sky between two large square shaped pillars / stone towers. Each tower features a single square shaped windown near the top on the front side.

The moon is shown both in full and also as a crescent within the full moon. The full moon features a face drawn in profile looking down. Around the rim of the moon radiate out thirty two rays of light, in the sky beneath the moon are fourteen shards of moonlight.

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