Tarot - Major Arcana II - The Star

Description for The Star, Major arcana tarot card

The Star
The Star

A mature blond haired naked woman kneels on one leg beside a pond. Her left knee rests upon the land and her right foot is in the water.

She holds two golden pitchers full of water. With her eyes closed looking down on the water she empties the water she carriers in the pitchers - one hand pours water to the land the other pours water into the pond.

The blooms of small red flowers grow on the ground beside the pond. An Ibis sits on a single tree that grows a the top of a hill by the pond. In the far distance can be seen mountains.

In the sky above the kneeling woman is a large eight pointed golden star. Set in the sky around the central star are seven other stars , these are smaller than the main star in the center and are white in colour.

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