Tarot - Major Arcana II - Death

Description for Death, Major arcana tarot card


Death takes the form of a skelton knight clad in black armour riding a white horse. The helmet of the armour features a red flume, death rides upon the horse on a red saddle.

One hand holds up a black flag decorated with a stylised white rose, the other holds the black reigns of the horse which are decorated with white skulls and crossbones.

A king / man lies on the ground beneath the horses legs. Standing in front of the horse is a bishop wearing robes and a long pointed hat. The back of his robes are decorated with red roses.

On the ground kneeling beside the Bishop is a young woman and child. The woman holds one of the childs hands, in the other she lets fall two red apples. The woman wears a white dress and has a headdress adored with red roses. The young child who kneels in front of her has a red rose in her hair.

In the distance between the horses legs a ship / long boat can be seen with a full red sail blowing in wind. Beyond the ship are dark shapes like woods or caves that occur at the base of a cliff.

The background landscape is more visible above the bishops head. On top of the cliffs, hilltops are two large towers / pillars. Between these stone pillars on the far horizon a rising sin shines brightly and silhouettes a city.

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