Tarot - Major Arcana II - The Hanged Man

Description for The Hanged Man, Major arcana tarot card

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man

A youth with light blond hair is suspended upside down from a tree by a simple rope tied to one of his anckles.

The tree is in the shape of a "T" - there are no branches along the main vertical trunk of the tree, leaves cascade down from the left and right of the single horizontal branch.

The Hanged Man wears a simple blue tunic , red tights and yellow slippers. His arms are folded and held behind his back out of view. One leg is bent at the knee and tucked behind the other straight leg making a cross shape.

A halo of bright golden light shines out from behind the young man's head. Although he is suspended in a strange awkward position his eyes are wide open and he appears quite relaxed.

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