Tarot - Major Arcana I - Wheel of Fortune

Description for Wheel of Fortune, Major arcana tarot card

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune floats in the sky. It is made up of three circles. The outer circle features the word TORA. The inner circles are divided by eight spokes four of which feature signs.

Three creatures circle the outer rim of the wheel. At the top is seated a sphinx with Egyptian headdress that cradles a long sword over its shoulder.

Descending the wheel is a large serpent. Ascending the wheel is a strange red creature that has the body, arms and legs that make it look almost human but it has a long face and ears that resemble a fox.

The sky around the wheel features four clouds , two above and two below. Upon each of these clouds is a different winged creature. The first is lion, the second a bull, the third has a human face, the fourth is like an eagle. The four winged creatures rest on the clouds, they each hold open a large white book.

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