Tarot - Major Arcana I - The Chariot

Description for The Chariot, Major arcana tarot card

The Chariot
The Chariot

A male charioteer stands inside a four pillared canopy of a square shaped chariot. The canopy is decoarated with white stars.

On his head is a laurel wreathe and golden tiara, the centre of the tiara is an eight pointed gold star. His golden breastplate is attached to his sholders with golden cresend moon shaped fittings. The centre of the brestplate features a white square.

A golden sword belt hangs from his waist and in his hand is a staff or spear tipped with gold. The front of the chariot is decorated with a winged golden orb above a shield that features a red interlocking cross.

At the front of the chariot are two Sphinxes, one in black and one in white. The chariot rests on the bank of a river. On the opposite bank of the river lies woodland and a walled city.

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