Tarot - Major Arcana I - The Fool

Description for The Fool , Major Arcana tarot card

The Fool
The Fool

A young man in a colourful tunic stands at the edge of a cliff on a high rugged mountain path his head tilted up towards the skies.

He has blond hair and wears a laurel wreathe with a red feather. Around his waist is a simple belt made of gold circles.

His green tunic is worn over a white shirt and is decorated with yellow circles containing eight red spokes and the sleeves billow out in the wind like red flames.

He carries with him a purse or wallet that is attached to the end of a black staff that he carries over his shoulder. In his other hand he holds up a single white rose. Beside him is a white dog that is leaping and barking by his legs.

High above a radiant white sun shines. The Fool stands with his back to the mountain, although he is dangerously close to the edge of the cliff his face appears innocent, blissful and has no sign of fear.

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