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Born on this day - October 23rd

1974 - Sander Westerveld, Dutch soccer player

1959 - "Weird Al" Yankovic, American musical parodist

1949 - Nick Tosches, American writer

1940 - Pele, Brazilian footballer

1927 - Leszek Kolakowski, Polish philosopher

1908 - Ilya Frank, Russian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1990)

1892 - Gummo Marx, American actor and comedian (d. 1977)

1844 - Sarah Bernhardt, French actress (d. 1923)

1805 - John Bartlett, American lexicographer (d. 1905)

1766 - Emmanuel, marquis de Grouchy, French marshal (d. 1847)

Died on this day - October 23rd

2004 - Robert Merrill, American baritone (b. 1919)

1986 - Edward Adelbert Doisy, American biochemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1893)

1944 - Charles Glover Barkla, English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1877)

1872 - Theophile Gautier, French writer (b. 1811)

1616 - Leonhard Hutter, German theologian (b. 1563)

Events on this day - October 23rd

2004 - Brazil's "Operation Cajuana" launches its first rocket into space, the VSB-30, just 14 months after its space program was devastated by a deadly launch pad accident.

1999 - Apple Computer's Mac OS 9 is released and sold

1993 - The Toronto Blue Jays win their second straight World Series.

1973 - Watergate Scandal: US President Richard M. Nixon agrees to turn over subpoenaed audio tapes of his Oval Office conversations about the scandal.

1946 - The United Nations General Assembly convened in New York for the first time, at an auditorium in Flushing Meadow.

1930 - The first miniature golf tournament finished in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1906 - Alberto Santos-Dumont flies the 14-bis in the first officially-recognised heavier-than-air flight at Champs de Bagatelle, Paris, France.

1813 - The Pacific Fur Company trading post in Astoria, Oregon is turned over to the rival British North West Company (the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest was dominated for the next three decades by the United Kingdom).

1641 - Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641 - anniversary commemorated by Irish Protestants for over 200 years

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