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Venus, the Roman goddess of love

Venus is named after the Roman goddess Venus, know in Greek mythology as Aphrodite. She is the goddess of beauty and love but this bright planet surrounded by clouds that look like Earth's is not all she seems.

Venus was originally a goddess of gardens and vinyards yet no flower or fruit could grow on her hot waterless surface.

Covered in dense cloud Venus hides her secrets well. The planet has an atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid which acts as a greenhouse and traps the heat.

The scorching surface temperature of 890 degrees Farenheit is hot enough to melt lead and zinc. The planet surface is made up of rocky plains and giant volcanoes.

Venus shares a trait with Uranus in that it spins from east to west. Venus revolves slowly - a single rotation taking 243 Earth days.

People once believed Venus to be two different stars known as the Morning Star and the Evening Star, because it can be seen in the morning and the evening. After the Sun and the Moon, Venus is the brightest object in our night skies.

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