Numerology - Number 1 Revealed

positive, creative, individual action

Number one marks the beginning, the starting point for all the other numbers. Symbolised by the Sun it denotes the basis of all life. It encapsulates positive, creative, individual action.

It can apply to anyone born on the 1st,10th,19th or 28th of any month but especially so if you were born under the star signs of Aries or Leo. It will be of great significance to you if the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth can be reduced to the number one.

creative,inventive ...individual and determined

A person with the influence of number one will be seen as creative, inventive, strongly individual and determined.

Number one people don't like to be held back and can be ambitious with a strong desire to be a respected leader who is looked up to by associates.

Ones are quick to take decisions and progress plans in an action orientated, aggressive and assertive manner. Associated with self-confidence, drive and ambition they enjoy pushing ahead and will thrive on taking an active / leading role.

This inner strength of purpose combined with abundant reserves of energy will ensure they are busy and active people with a strong individual character.

The positive creative energy of the number one is associated with all manner of fresh starts and new beginnings. It's a positive time to make change and seek new opportunities.

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