Kabbalah - Kabbalah Tree of Life - Kether

1. Kether - The Supreme Crown

The first manifestation of the unknowable creative energy. Pure spirit associated with white billiance.

Unity with the divine and universal. The source of all things. Limitless and timeless love, light and life, connected to all things.

The root of power and the source of fire,water, air and earth.

Highest point on the central pillar of consciousness that rises up the middle of the tree and includes Malkhuth, Yesod and Tifereth.

The gift of insight

Find out more about your birthday and name. Reveal your true nature, learn when the important cycles in your life occur and how you can best make use your own special abilities.

Your 7th Sun Personal Empowerment report will draw upon the wisdom of Numerology,Astrology,Tarot and the Kabbalah.

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