Kabbalah Revealed

Kabbalah is a Hebrew word which means "that which is received". A mystical system dealing with spiritual concepts within the context of the Torah .

Originally this knowledge was received by word of mouth from teacher to student. The teachings reveal that the universe can be related to universal principals. Through a better understanding of these principals the student gains a deeper insight into reality.

Into the Light

Before the universe started there was nothing, the dark empty void. In Greek mythology this was linked to the ancient god "Chaos" the personification of infinite space before the creation of the universe.

Then Genesis - the Greek word meaning "birth", "creation", "cause", "beginning", "source", "origin". The name of the first book of the Torah. God said "Let there be light" - light is created; the world and life is called into being.

The driving force is sound - the "Big Bang". Thought, then word - the creative principal of words to bring about order and reason.

Kabbalah - The Tree of Life

In Kabbalah, God is called "Ein Sof", Infinite Radiance that is unknowable, unapproachable, with no boundaries in either time or space.

"A single ray of light burst from the closed confines of En Sof, and from this light came nine further lights" - from the Zohar (Book of Splendour)

The ten lights are the sephiroth (numbers) which are regarded as the manifestations of universal forces and principals behind man and the universe.

Each sephiroth is named and numbered. These are connected by twenty-two pathways with each path corresponding to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This all embracing classification and map is the Tree of Life.

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