Tarot - Minor Arcana - Coins

Minor Arcana Coins Description


Physical , material

Coins (also known as Pentacles or Disks) are associated with the physical and material realm. The solid, practical day to day matters of the world.

Action with the aim of getting things done, producing an effect, achieving results, creating a stable foundation for ourselves.

This covers our physical activities, experiences within the body, energy, work, economics, sports, industry, finance, business, labour , money, property, action.

It is associated with the element Earth and such terms as "down to earth","feet on the ground", "earthy pleasures","material wealth","like a rock","salt of the earth", "solid character", "worldy wise".

All aspects of our relations to worldy affairs are covered. Earth is symbolic of our own physical body plus all the things that are required to keep us alive. It related to our enjoyment of life, physical sensations and pleasures.

Coins denote both wisdom and wealth.

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