Astrology Star Sign - Cancer Star Sign Revealed

Cancer June 22nd - July 22nd

Born under the starr sign of Cancer you are a very kind person. You care deeply about others and have a sensitive and sympathetic nature. Friends, family, colleagues at work, neighbours, close loved ones or even passing acquaintances will all note that you are considerate, caring and affectionate.

a very kind person ... considerate, caring and affectionate

You like to 'cherish' both things and people. You can grow very strong emotional attachments to objects, people, places, animals etc quickly and easily and you cast your loving glow around them all. Deep within you is a need to feel cosy and protected by both people and places. One of your sanctuaries is your home. Your home can be a little haven for yourself and your precious memories as well as a place you can retreat to whenever you feel that you have been hurt or you have had enough of the world at large.

You have a natural maternal instinct that drives you to look after things. You will always see to it that those around you are well looked after and cared for. You are very proud of your family and any achievements they have.

Another gift you display is empathy - a deep awareness of the feelings of others. This gift goes beyond understanding people to objects, places, plants, animals and situations. Your finely tuned sensitive nature will immediately know when something does not 'feel right' and this will trouble you until you know what the cause of the upset is.

Throughout your life you will draw on these skills intuitive and emotional in all your relationships.

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